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Terrific to hear from you. We are just heading into summer so boating season is about to start. Boat is just great and people cannot believe the condition it is in. Electrical upgrades are just getting done this week. Otherwise all running smoothly and everyone is loving it.

Have been on the road the last 2 weeks though, in Europe and Asia for work. Its been a long trip this one. In Hong Kong now so chaotic time with work and very keen now to get back to the Sydney Sunday and spend some serious time on the boat.

Of course now that I have brought in a boat so successfully I have a heap of friends now looking at doing the same. Don't worry as I will be surely be sending them your way.


Your interview on TV was incredible. I wish you would had told us that it was being aired.

Imagine our surprise watching the tube and seeing you show that gorgeous yacht!

It happened to be that our friends were over that evening and I was shouting, "Hey, that's my yacht broker, that's my yacht broker"!


As you know, we had been trying to sell our boat for a while. Funny how after knowing you personally for these years, it never dawned on us to work with you in selling our boat.

So glad that we hang out after the games and that we started talking about boats. You have been a Godsend, going above and beyond all others we have come across.

Now the work begins though my friend! You know what we are looking for and how big the dock is behind the house down here. I think its time for a Real Boat, now! So stop reading and find me the yacht of my dreams!!!


Thank you so much for your assistance in finding me and my family the perfect yacht. You truly came to us, in a time when we were just about to give up.

We've dealt with so many others who call themselves "Yacht Brokers" and are no more than kids in colorful pants or lying cheats.

Your integrity and fine concern to detail, outweighed anything that all of them (combined) offered. You are a dear friend to the family and will always be in our lives.


Thank you so much, you have made it a lot easier to buy this boat if it was not for you I don't know what I would have ended up with.

 will be keeping in touch because I have a few friends that want to buy boats, but are waiting to see how it goes for me, so I will be definitely telling them to use you.

Once again thank you so much!


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